Grant Making

The Foundation of the Fund’s work is to foster a culture of collaboration and efficiency through pooled grant making. The goal is to strengthen the ecosystem of the food and farming movement.


The philosophy of the fund is engrained in the Grant-pool’s development. We respond to our current climate, with the objective to instil systemic resilience and fortify the movement.


Each year, our network convenes in mid-Spring to discuss the year ahead and its opportunities and challenges. Throughout the Summer, applicants can connect and form new collaborative ideas using our online forum. Collaborative proposals are submitted at the end of Summer and successful applicants are granted in Autumn.

What Happened in Year 1?

In April 2019, the fund was launched through a workshop, hosted by The Roddick Foundation, where around forty organisations were invited to participate. The aim of the day was to bring the movement together in order to collectively consider what needs exist, and identify gaps and opportunities for collaborative projects.

Delegates were invited to apply for support through providing collaborative proposals, with at least three organisations in partnership.

In total, we had 19 applications, of which eleven were successful either funded in entirety, or in part with a request to seek match funding.


Below is an archive of each year's successful grants.


Vandana Shiva at the launch of Farming the Future

What We Ask For

We require applicants to submit collaborative proposals that not only support the specific work of each organisation but also clearly state how the wider food and farming movement will benefit.

Proposals are submitted under at least one of the following five themes:


  • Economics

    • Local economies, investment, soil capital, alternative routes to market, metrics.

  • Education, Skills and Capacity Building

    • new entrants, knowledge exchange, incubator farms.

  • Food Justice

    •  food poverty, food waste, race and gender equality, inclusivity.

  • Land

    • Community ownership, ownership transparency, access to land.

  • Policy and Deregulation

    • post-Brexit policy - National and International, UK policy home and abroad, trade deals, GM, lowering standards, food-related health policy, food-related education policy.

How to Get Involved

In order to maintain a harmonious balance of like-minded organisations (whom all share a common goal), the Grant-pool is by invitation only. However, we do appreciate that not everyone is in our networks. If you believe you can support our work whilst we support yours, feel free to email us.


"The support from the Farming the Future programme for our policy advocacy work has enabled us to directly support the ambitions and positive outcomes of our partners, such as achieving changes to government draft law and policy measures in support of agroecology. The programme has also ensured that a core set of joint activities, by our alliance members and others, can go ahead - so bringing a coherent, powerful programme of lobby, research, networking, campaign and engagement work to bear on farm policy. The profile of, and potential for, an agroecological farming future are now higher for the, UK though more is needed."

- Vicki Hird, Sustain

Farming the Future is administrated by the A Team Foundation,
a registered charity 1077094 (England & Wales).

Illustrations by Mahla Bess
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