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Farming the Future- 2023 Funding Update

We know everyone has been waiting to hear about our plans for Farming the Future’s 2023 funding round. After discussions with our funders and movement ambassadors, we will focus our 2023 funding round on continuing support for our current pool of grantees. As a small funder, we felt the challenge of trying to balance the needs of existing grantees and the importance of multi-year funding with a growing agroecological movement and the desire to increase access to funding for more groups.

The decision was not an easy one and we know it will be disappointing for many of you who were hoping for an open funding round this year.

As some of you may know, Farming the Future has just taken on two new staff members, our Director, Bonnie Hewson, and Grants Manager, Ashley Erdman, having previously been supported by part-time staff from the A Team. Bringing on new staff entirely dedicated to growing and developing FTF is a huge step forward for us. But it also means we need some time to refine our strategic direction, improve our processes and do some fundraising!

We’re excited to be looking ahead to developing ideas for our 2024 funding round and will be sharing more information and reaching out later in the year as these move forward.

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