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Collaborative Action for a Regenerative Future in Food and Farming

Farming the Future serves a diverse collective of land-workers, educators, researchers, lobbyists, activists, organisations and funders, who are dedicated to transforming the current industrial food system.


Emerging from the agroecological food movement, this alliance seeks to facilitate the power of the collective to build a system of regenerative food production and land use that furthers social and environmental justice.

Redirecting Finance

Working with investors and institutions to redirect the flow of capital to a regenerative food system. 



Collaborative philanthropy to strengthen the ecosystem of the food and farming sector. 



Disseminating the knowledge of our networks to each other and supporting funder to funder conversations. 


We respond to the challenges of our time. 

We web together key levers for change. 

We build resilience into our systems. 

We champion diversity and equality.

We fortify the Movement.


These values are placed in order to bring everyone with us on the journey.


If you are doing the right thing for the earth, she's giving you great company.



Vandana Shiva speaking at the Farming the Future Convening in 2019.

From the Journal 

"The funding support we received from Farming the Future has been of critical importance, through its capacity to strengthen the transformative work we are doing on measuring and valuing sustainability in food systems, not simply for its impact on strengthening the capacity of the project, which is valuable enough, but also because the support brings us closer to a constellation of like-minded organisations and funders who share a deep understanding of our mission and outcome objectives".

Patrick Holden, Sustainable Food Trust


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